Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Future Racist

I know that in the future I'm going to be considered a racist bigot. I'll treat AI like they're second class citizens and shout technophobic slogans. "Marriage is between a human and a human!" "I don't want some teacher teaching my kids about SexBots™ in school!" "We need to build an energy shield to prevent these damn sentient machines from taking our jobs!" Etc.

Meanwhile my children will be marching with hologram MLK3000 down the streets of New Columbia to the Trump Memorial where he'll deliver a tele-speech that will be broadcast into the Apple implant chips in the brains of trillions of young people around the world and the interstellar colonies.

I'll be living in the woods outside the ruins of former Los Angeles, trying to start a militia and warning people about keeping our bloodlines pure from the AI scourge, complaining about how our grandchildren are going to be so many parts robot that they won't even be human anymore. I'll yell, "the West will rise again!" and I'll fly the bear flag even though we lost the war to secede from the union after President West and Vice President Kardashian granted AI personhood rights.

The future scares me. We're all going to be fucking robots up the ass and shit.

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