Friday, May 12, 2017

American Machines

That's a spare! Gutter ball! A strike is what I hope for. Maybe I will have a 7-10 split for you. Roll the ball in the lane and try to knock a pins down. If you knock all the pins to the floor you win a strike, just watch out for the gutter ball in the side lane or else you might waste a roll of the ball. When all the pins are down your brother or sisters steps up to chuck it in the corridor.

I love to wear my bowler shoe. When the clock strikes five it's bowling time! Grab a boy and grab a gal and go to the lanes. Step 1: strike! Step 2: return your shoes before leaving the bowling center. Say a prayer and get a spare. Launch that heavy orb and watch it spin!

Backspin will improve chances of success for your attempt. Make sure to throw it hard. Maybe if you're lucky you will catch a hot one. Look up at the board to see the official score of the game. Bowl 35-41 and you win! 42-50 and it's a double. 34 and below and it's time to hit the showers buster.

Technology powers these incredible American machines. So iconic and part of our traditional landscape. With the push of a button your pins will return to their starting point. It uses the crane for your play enjoyment so you too can have fun at the bowl.

Try to win the bowl! Make a strike!!!! (Or two spare.) How many pins do you want in your bowl? Twelve is too many. Four is not enough. Trade it to me for the end of the bowl like you trade your shoes at the end of the match, one pair for one spares. Let the bowl take control.

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