Monday, October 9, 2017


In Antarctica, there is nothing.

Don't get me wrong, there are things there, but these aren't things that people like you or me would care about. These things are boring things, like glaciers, penguins, scientific research outposts, and tundra. But these things are all nothings. Somethings are things like TV, Internet, restaurants, football, buildings, politics, and the beach. There are beaches in Antarctica but they are too cold for recreation.

In Antarctica, there are lots of nothings and there are very few somethings. I would guess that there are about ten nothings for every one something. Plus, the somethings are very small somethings, like bunk beds, coffee machines, scientific research equipment, and a post office. They are practically nothings.

Things can be good or bad. In Antarctica, there are more good things than bad things. I would guess there are about ten good things for every one bad thing. Because the number of good things directly correlates to the number of nothings, I have realized that nothings are good and somethings are bad. Somethings are things like war, famine, disease, poverty, rape, politics, and styrofoam. None of these things exist in Antarctica.

When I die, I will become nothing. Then I will be so rad.

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