Sunday, October 29, 2017

Boob Telescope

I have a telescope set up by the window of my eighth floor studio apartment. It is manufactured by a company called Celestron and the model number is 21035. I bought it on Amazon, where it is the number one best selling refracting telescope. A significant amount of time was devoted to reading the reviews of the all the top rated telescopes. I wanted to make sure that the telescope I bought was the best value for money.

I use the telescope to look at women's breasts. I spy on them in the adjacent apartment buildings while they get changed. I watch them walking on the street on their way to the supermarket, or maybe to an important meeting. Without the telescope they would be small, like ants. The telescope has changed my life.

My curtain is drawn almost all the way, save for a small slit where I stick my telescope. Nobody knows that I am watching them. Nobody knows what I do with my telescope. On the occasion that I have guests over, I tell them that I have recently taken an interest in astronomy. It is the perfect cover. Nobody questions it.

The telescope is designed to be portable, for people who want to travel the world and look at stuff, but I rarely leave my apartment now. In the real world, I cannot see boobs with the same level of focus and precision. If I try to, then I get yelled at or arrested.

I have a recurring nightmare. My penis is a large telescope. I cannot have sex anymore. Women are repulsed by me. Nobody wants to get fucked by a telescope.

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