Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Poem

On a night like tonight many moons ago
A tragedy struck; terror, sorrow, and woe
I recount to you this tale of dread
The time I accidentally caught the zipper of my pants on my penis head
Like a venus fly trap it became ensnared
I was mentally and physically unprepared
For the pain from which there was no way to escape
And the gruesome sight below my waist
Of my penis - mangled, bloody and torn
Like a circumcision by a rabbi in a blindfold
Ripped to shreds like rice paper in a bear trap
From this injury I knew there was no going back
As I picked up the pieces of my mutilated cock
I woke up from my dream in a shock
"Oh thank God!" I cried, "It was only a nightmare!"
I felt my intact genitalia through my underwear
But I already knew that there was nothing amiss
Because my bed sheets were sopping wet with piss

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