Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Los Angeles

Around 1 am, walking home from DTLA. I am 19 years old. Some guy about my age walking towards me makes eye contact and smiles and nods up at me. "Wanna go smoke a bowl?" I smirk. "It's like 1 am." "Yeah," he replies. "Another time man," I say. He shrugs and heads the other way.

My face and clothes are covered in red paint. I look like I have been severely beaten. Everybody in the In-N-Out is giving me looks.

Manage to catch a bus. Two weird fat men with Irish accents and an incredibly attractive Irish girl about my age sit next to me. The girl looks at me, makes eye contact, and smiles. It's almost 2 am now. The bus only comes once every hour. I wonder how long they were waiting, in a dark unfamiliar city. What brought them to this moment in their lives?

I have to change buses. I wait at the bus stop. Homeless guy waits too. I ask him, "Is the bus still running?" He says yes. I wait. 5-10 minutes later he asks me for a cigarette. I say I don't have any and apologize. "Sorry." I look at the timetable. The bus stopped running hours ago.

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